Sunday, 12 June 2016

Walking, sitting up and howling

One last photo from the 8th of June. Pale Blue had been falling behind the others in weight so he learnt to lap from a bowl. Now when he's eating plenty of solid food he's fast catching up with the rest.
9th of June (15 days old) and we have our first taste of raw beef mince. VERY popular, especially with Pale Blue.

Sunrise the Persian cat reckoned he was entitled to some of it as well
 Crowded at the milkbar, still 9th of June.

Rona would so love to meet the puppies properly, but Penny isn't quite ready to share yet.
10th of June. More beef.
All gone!

11th of June. John came home from having bought dog food and the puppies started howling like a little wolf pack. (The adult Malinois often howl when John arrives or leaves.) They have just started to be able to hear. The video is very dark, they are not at all as greyish as they look, the photos show better what they look like.

 The gold coloured plate broke so we had to improvise!

 Trying to stand up to suckle from mum, but not quite big enough yet to reach
 Able to sit up now

and walk
Below various photos from the 12th of June; 18 days old.

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