Wednesday, 1 June 2016

One week old today

One week old today and the puppies have more or less doubled in weight. Some are bigger than others but it usually evens itself out when they start on solid food. Each are weighed every day and we do the Early Neurological Puppy Stimulation. Hand on heart I have NO idea if this makes any difference or not to the puppies (we have done it with two previous litters), but there's no harm done and the pups get handled every day. The idea is to subject puppies aged 3 days to 16 days to some mild stress, which is meant to help them cope better with stress in the future. Each puppy has its paws tickled, its held head up, head down and on its back, and is placed on a cold towel. Each part for 3-5 seconds only. Read more HERE.

Purple has gone climbing
 White dog
 Orange dog
 Blue dog
 Green bitch
 Yellow bitch
 Pale Blue dog
 Beige dog
 Purple bitch
 Brown dog
 Red bitch
Black dog

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