Monday 15 August 2016

8 to 11 weeks, final post.

 22nd of July 2016. 8 weeks 2 days old. This is Dana, who was green collar. None of the pups wear collars now since Dana's one went missing and reappeared down in Cornwall after her sister Doris threw it up!
 Pale Blue taking it easy

24th of July
 Dana has found a use for Vesper, one of the cats. As a pillow.
 And it was bye bye to Pale Blue, GOLDMALI LITTLE CLOUD. Pet name LUPA, he went off to live a busy family life and to try his paws in whatever takes his fancy in future.
White with a favourite toy

25th of July
 The pen and whelping box are still up, but the pups are only locked in it at night.

 Trying to see out the window
 Brown. The toy is a Kong Traxx, the only toy we have found that survives Malinois teeth. It's lasted years.

29th of July 2016; 9 weeks 2 days old

 Fun on the couch
 Dana likes to sit on the table
 Food on the go??
Comfy white with Duchess and John

30th of July. Red stretches out on the couch in exactly the same way that mum Penny likes to do.

31st of July

 Red and white cuddled up
White, brown and orange

Red going for a walk. The final 5 pups were all trained to walk on a lead.
 And then red left for her new home. Bye bye to GOLDMALI LADY IN RED, known as RUBY. She's gone to live with an active family and is already best friends with their rescue dog.

2nd of August; 9 weeks 6 days old
 Four pups are left, lounging around on the couch. Left to right Dana, brown, white, orange.

3rd of August the pups had their second vaccination, but I didn't take any photos.

7th of August

Orange went to his new home. Bye bye to GOLDMALI LEAN ON ME, aka MUSTARD, who is going to be a running partner when he is older.

And then we brought out the dog paddling pool that Doris's new owners so kindly sent us!

 This chair is for chewing, right?
 Rona and brown

 Penny has a drink

Dana was first in.

 8th of August

A relaxed white

9th of August, more of white

11th of August. Bye bye to brown, GOLDMALI LOOK AT ME, pet name MOCNY.  He's also going to be a running partner.

13th of August. Just Dana and white left.


14th of August 2016:

White went to his new home. Bye bye to GOLDMALI LET IT BE, pet name RAFIKI.
He is going to be a flyball dog.

And that's it, 10 of the 11 pups are in their new homes. Thank you for following their journey!