Sunday, 19 June 2016

Playing and exploring

 16th of June and my grandson Timmy came to visit for the day, with mum Melanie. Pups are 3 weeks 1 day old.

 That's a big puppy!
Getting very big now
17th of June. Where has everyone but purple gone?
 We learnt how to climb out of the box and decided to sleep outside it!
 Later on the17th of June, one relaxed pup
Whilst another decides to go exploring! 
The vetbed outside the box has been changed for newspapers as the pups are now learning to go to toilet away from where they sleep, and instinctively use the paper.
 18th of June and as there was an important dog show that we wanted to go to, Timmy came to look after the pups for the day. (With a bit of help from his mum and dad.)

19th of June
 Definitely time for the proper puppy feeding bowls! Now we all fit in around them.

Not QUITE mastered how to stand around them perfectly yet though!
 Aunty Rona came to see the pups. Look how her tail is wagging. Rona and Penny are cousins -their mothers are littermates.


 Exploring some of the world outside the pen. It's almost always open so the pups can decide for themselves when to go for a wander around.
 Meeting Paul McCatney the Persian cat
 This looks interesting
 A couple of videos from the 19th of June -a bit dark, the real colours are not as dark/grey as this.

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