Thursday, 30 June 2016

4 to 5 weeks old

24th of June; 4 weeks 2 days old
 Dinner al fresco for the first time

 Back indoors, making a cave out of the vetbed
Strange place to fall asleep

25th of June, spending some time with the family
 Princess the Persian decides to eat with the pups
 Pretty red
 Great aunt Rona
Ritzy, Rona and half sister Magic
26th of June and white has worked out a way to sneak a drink from Penny. She doesn't feed them much now, and only when SHE decides to.
27th of June, playing
 28th of June, relaxed white
 The pups are either full of energy or really tired, in short bursts
 Purple on top of her littermates

 Dinner time

 Sleeping under the couch. The pups were growing too big so we've had to temporarily remove the feet from the couch, as they kept getting stuck underneath!
 Here's beige, who officially is Goldmali Lionheart, pet name Tidus.

And this is green, who is going to stay with us. Goldmali Lullaby, pet name Dana. (As in Dana Scully from the X-files! Great great granny Ripley was named after Ripley in the Alien films, so it seemed appropriate.)
29th of June, 5 weeks old:
Orange dog
Beige dog having a laugh whilst being weighed
Black dog
Blue dog
Brown dog
Green bitch
Pale blue dog
Purple bitch
Red bitch
White dog
Yellow bitch
 Who wants to sleep in a comfy bed? Not us!

Ran out of newspaper so for bedtime we had to have Swedish crosswords to wee on!
(The pups are locked in the pen at night, but not during the day.)
Just one pic from the 30th of June, blue and beige sharing a tuggy

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