Thursday, 21 July 2016

7 to 8 weeks old and starting to leave home

12th of July

 We're big boys and girls, we sleep where we want (during the day at least!)
 Pale Blue
 Pale Blue
 Pale Blue
 Pale Blue
Pale Blue and Black

13th of July -7 weeks old today
 No stopping us now!

 We can HEAR you're preparing our food, open the gate!!!
 Black and Green playing

 White preparing to pounce


14th of July

Off to the vet for our health check and certificate. The vet put into writing that the pups were fine to leave for their new homes from today.

Not easy to transport 11 pups to the vet!
 At home
This is the pile of paperwork for all the puppies -weight over 3 kilos!
15th of July

The first puppy to leave home was Purple.
Bye bye to GOLDMALI LUCKY STAR, pet name HETTY, who has gone to live on a smallholding with lots of animals, and is going to have a very busy life indeed.

Green asleep in Penny's favourite spot
16th of July

 Playtime with mum. Yellow at the front has had her collar chewed up so is now without.

 Then it was bye bye to Blue, GOLDMALI LIFE OF RILEY, aka BRUNO II who is going to have an active life, even climbing mountains.
And then Beige left, GOLDMALI LIONHEART aka TIDUS, who is going to be an agility dog.

Green is not going anywhere, she's staying with me. GOLDMALI LULLABY aka DANA.

Only locked in the pen at night now but we still like to go in it to play -roughly!
18th of July
I forgot to take a last photo so we have to make do with one already used. Bye bye to Black, GOLDMALI LIGHTNING aka JAGO, who is also going to be an agility dog. 

20th of July - 8 weeks old today

Back to the vet again for five of us (those staying longer, or in Dana's case, permanently) for the first vaccination. It was a very hot day.
During the two van trips to the vet (i.e. including last week's as well) we got to see cars, motorbikes and all sorts of new things.
 White, not bothered by the noisy fan at all

Cooling down

And it was bye bye to Yellow, GOLDMALI LUCK BE A LADY aka DORIS, who went to live with Stanley, one of our Rona's litterbrothers.

21st of July

Just a couple of pictures of Red, who is staying a bit longer.
None of the pups wear collars now since Dana's got chewed up too -it's too dangerous now. 
As the pups are microchipped there is no risk of them being mixed up -although we can of course tell them apart anyway.

Sunday, 10 July 2016

6 weeks old -over 100 new photos and 4 videos

6th of July 2016 -6 weeks old today
 Playtime with the Papillons

 Can't see the collar, but I think this must be Tidus (beige)

 Papillons are very fast!

7th of July

8th of July
 Spot the odd one out!

Pile of pups

9th of July

10th of July, a busy day!

Al fresco lunch. We know very well how to get outside now!
 Back inside. The family is here to visit. Let's chew Benjamin's Crocs
 Pale Blue

 Penny asks Benjamin to please keep the little "maligators" away from her as their teeth really hurt now!
 Blue (Bruno) fast asleep

White (well grey collar now)

Then we woke up and went outside again. Melanie brought her good camera and took lots of photos.

Never mind keeping the pups safe from the kid, keep the kid safe from the pups! There are so many of them! Timmy loved them though. Daddy Kallum kept him safe.


The only pup who would pose!

 Tidus loves tugging

 Dana (green) would not leave Timmy alone


Orange might look a bit reluctant here with ears back, but all the pups approached Timmy on their own terms and could leave whenever they wanted to.

 Purple is flying

 Blue and orange

 Purple says hello

 Brown and black

And finally some videos. As they were just taken on my basic digital camera they are dark/poor colour, despite it being lovely sunshine.