Sunday, 5 June 2016

9 to 11 days old

 The pups are 9 days old and Penny is having a break and a cuddle with John.
 It will soon be impossible to fit the pups in here when the bedding in the whelping box is changed!
These puppies are bigger than Penny's first litter -no doubt because daddy Santee is bigger than Mats who was the first sire.
 Back in the box
 9 days old
Penny with her large family, 9 days old
 10 days old and Timmy is back meeting the puppies for the second time
 This is Timmy's version of a cuddle
 High five?

Back in the box
 11 days old. White dog is relaxing.
 Black dog 11 days old

 It's  warm day so the puppies are spread out. They huddle together if it is colder. (There is a heated pad underneath the bedding, with a thermostat adjusting itself to the room temperature so that it is always the same heat for the pups.)
 Orange dog
 Green bitch
 Blue dog
Pale Blue dog

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