Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Eyes open, solid food and 2 weeks old

We're growing and developing quickly.
 12 days old and some of the pups are starting to open their eyes. Very difficult to catch on camera! And the coats are growing very thick and so the collars aren't as easily seen in some photos.

 No I'm not strangling the pup, just trying to support the head.
 I don't want you to see my half open eyes so I shut them.

Wide open

The pups are growing fast and some of them are always hungry, so it was time to start solid food already at 12 days of age. No force, just putting the plate in front of the pups and letting them decide whether to try it or not. Some did the first time, others did not.

Worn out after the first meal!
 13 days old and all of us have eaten.

 Mummy's milk is still best but it's getting a bit crowded!
13 days old (7th of June 2016)
 2 weeks old today; 8th of June. Difficult to take photos of wriggly pups. This above is Beige dog.
 Black dog
 Blue dog
 Brown dog
 Green bitch
 Orange dog
 Pale Blue dog
 Purple bitch
 Red bitch
 White dog
Yellow bitch

Hey, we need two plates, this isn't working!

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