Sunday, 29 May 2016

Penny's puppies to Santee -pregnancy and birth

Santee Sioux at Goldmali x Cymry Penny Wise Goldmali

Hip score 5/6 =11
Eye tested clear 27/2 2016
KC Good Citizen Bronze award
1 Reserve CC, several Best Puppy awards inc. overall Best Puppy in Show at the BSDA Open show spring 2015
Bred by: Lewis Jones
Sire: Foxbriar Dashing Desperado
Dam: Goldmali Faith
Hip score: 5/6= 11
Eye tested clear 27/2 2016
KC Good Citizen Bronze, Silver and Gold
Bred by: Janice Tyers
Sire: Jotunheim Urak (Police dog, working lines)
Dam: Goldmali Brown Sugar ShCM (2 CCs 3 RCCs, show lines)

Penny was mated to Santee on the 28th and 29th of March 2016.
On the 29th of April she was scanned and at least 12 puppies were seen.
9th of May, 6 weeks pregnant

17th of May, 7 weeks 1 day pregnant
18th of May, 7 weeks 2 days pregnant

22nd of May; 7 weeks 6 days pregnant. Getting so tired.
23rd of May; 8 weeks pregnant. Starting to become a bit restless, off her food, checking the whelping box out.
Then Penny changed her mind, left the box, had something to eat, and the cats took over the whelping box. I stayed up all night to play safe.
24th of May. Penny has definitely stopped eating and is panting, nesting, pacing and sleeping. She does this all day so I know I have a second night without any sleep to look forward to.
The night between the 24th and 25th of May is a very long one.
I'm getting fed up with this! says Penny

Finally at 6.10 am on Wednesday the 25th of May 2016, the first pup was born, after 8 weeks and 2 days pregnancy (58 days). It had been quite a difficult birth, the pup was stuck for a while, but was eventually born safe, thankfully. It was a bitch, who later would get the PURPLE collar. 

Once the first pup was out, several followed in quick succession, and there was simply not time to take photos. The second pup unfortunately we lost, but the third was born at 7.10 am. A bitch who later got the GREEN collar.
 The fourth pup was born already at 7.15 am. A dog who later got the ORANGE collar.

The fifth pup was born 7.45 am, a bitch who later got the RED collar.

The sixth pup was born 8.55 am. A dog who later got the BEIGE collar.

The seventh pup was born 9.43 am, a dog who later got the WHITE collar.

The eighth pup was born 9.50 am, a bitch who later got the YELLOW collar.

The ninth pup was born 10.45 am, a dog who later got the BLACK collar.

The tenth pup was born 11.40 am, a dog who later got the BLUE collar.
Almost there

Then we had a bit of a break until 1.45 pm when the eleventh pup was born, a dog who later got the PALE BLUE collar.

After this an even longer break, until 5.35 pm when the twelfth pup was born. A dog who later got the BROWN collar. Hours later pup number 13 arrived, sadly stillborn.

Penny and her 11 live pups. 7 dogs and 4 bitches.

The puppies on the day they were born.
Malinois puppies are born dark (look like little moles!) and then gradually lighten over the next few weeks.

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